Here's What You Get When You Train With Me:

  • Workout in a friendly & fun environment

  • Get fitter & healthier

  • Lose weight & gain muscles and tone

  • Make a positive change in your life

  • Spend your pension on your bucket list & not healthcare


This Is What I Provide:

  • Tailored and personal training

  • Group training at your residence

  • Bootcamp for all levels

  • Sports specific coaching and training programs

Invest the time and effort into your health now.
I am always available to chat more especially if you have specific injuries.

Hear the success stories from my clients:

Lisa - Lost 1.5kg over New Year 2018 & Christmas 2017


"I wanted to make sure I won't put on weight in preparation for my fight so I was glad i had a chat with Mike on getting me into an easy to follow program. Sure its winter, but i was able to use my body weight and be disciplined about following the programme as with my eating. Thanks for all the help Mike. I am much more confident in my upcoming fight!"


Iain - Runner, Rugby fan and Lawyer

I have really enjoyed working with Mike this year. Having spent most of my middle age under the misconception that it was all about cardio and endurance, I am hugely grateful to Mike and Coyote Fitness for introducing me to the benefits of strength and bodyweight training. Building the strong core is the critical foundation to everything I do sports-wise and I have experienced solid benefits on all of my times. Yes it hurts but in a good way and I have felt an uptick in my energy levels. It has also been a positive boost to see my own progression as I work my way up the kettle bell group! 

I have always been an admirer of Mike's commitment to his own fitness training. But this was the first time I have ever done any sort of personal training and i loved Mike's approach. Enthusiasm is a given I guess but i felt Mike adopts a very conscientious approach, working out not just what motivates each of us individually but also reading our performance in each session and adapting accordingly. I liked that a lot. It is a fair, honest and truly personal training approach. And it is always fun. Thanks very much Mike.

Iain Anderson, 44 year old (still waiting for that Scotland call up)