A bit about me

Sport was a part of my childhood growing up in South Wales in the 1970's the only choice was Rugby. I played until I was in my late 20's when an injury and workload cut my career short.

I was a big guy when playing and after I stopped playing and training the muscle mass that I had changed to fat and I got myself into the mindset of I'm just a big guy. I didn't see the weight creeping on and its only now that I look back at the pictures of myself do I realise how big I was.

The weight slowly crept on and being tall, i was able to carry it and I kidded myself that I was a 'big guy'. I had a moment of realisation in a tailors in Hong Kong in 2005 and decided that i would make an effort to get back in shape.

I signed up for my 1st 10km run and thought I was going to die when I did my first run! I stuck to it and then one night over a few glasses of red wine a friend talked me into doing a Triathlon. I did my first Sprint in 2005 at the London Triathlon and was hooked.

I then decided that I would see what my body and mind was capable of and over the next few years, I kept swimming, cycling and running further until 2009 when I was convinced by a friend to sign up for an Ironman. I remember the fear when I was sitting at my laptop in November 2009 and my finger was hovering over the register button for Ironman Florida in November 2010!

I then spent the next year focused on training my body and mind to enable me to do something that I never thought would be possible for someone like me.

I discovered emotional anchors during this time and it helped me to keep going when the training got tough, especially when trying to fit it all in around work.

I completed the race and the following day with every sinew of my body aching I was asked would I do another one and my response was 'Hell yes!'

Shortly after coming to Singapore in 2012 I found Runninghour an integrated running group and joined them as running guide for visually impaired and Intellectually challenged runners.

It gave me the opportunity to give something back and in 2014 I was asked to take on the voluntary  role of Training Manager, which I accepted.

During this time, I continued to seek where my boundaries were and I continued with endurance sports and went longer and longer to try and find my physical and mental limits. I had worked out by this point how powerful the mind can be!

So I decided to step out of the corporate world, it was not an easy decision but one I am so glad that I did. I now get to work with some fantastic clients and help them to make lasting changes to their lives.


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